Where Patients are Partners

The Medical City Iloilo is reinforced by the Medical City’s primacy in world-class healthcare operations in the Philippines and abroad. TMC’s distinctive positioning reaps annual accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCIA). JCIA is widely recognized as the most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations.

TMC Iloilo adheres to the Medical City’s unique service philosophy in which the patient is viewed not as a problem to be solved or a charge to be cared for, but as an equal and empowered partner, co-responsible for the attainment of his health goals.

This pro-active health management approach is a TMC commitment in delivering quality health services. Modern technologies and state of the art facilities are augmented by a distinguished roster of medical experts and very efficient allied medical staff backed by intensive trainings and exposures.

The Medical City Iloilo increased the hospital’s capacity and service capability, making it the specialty care hospital in the Western Visayas region.

TMC Iloilo’s expansion consists of a modern and eco-friendly six-storey structure which has expanded the current structure to accommodate new medical services, house extended operating room suites, 108 authorized bed capacity, doctors’ clinics, expanded emergency and trauma rooms, better equipped physical rehabilitation services, bigger critical care and stroke units, and more imaging, diagnostic and treatment modalities.

The physical transformation allows TMC Iloilo to expand its services with a larger capacity to 10 major programs – Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Outpatient Clinics, Endoscopy, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Radiology, Teleophthalmology, Wound and Stoma Care and Wellness.

The new complex also blends perfectly with the Esplanade 2 which is part of the River Development Project of Iloilo City designed to turn this part of the city into a wellness hub for Ilonggos as well as local and foreign guests.

In 2009, The Medical City planted itself in Iloilo by taking over Great Savior International Hospital and transforming it into its present form. Groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the hospital was held on June 14, 2014.

TMC Iloilo is the only health facility in the region that provides complete facilities for cardiovascular and neurovascular intervention through its state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.

“Patients from Panay as well as Negros with cardiovascular and neurologic diseases have been diagnosed and treated in TMC Iloilo, at lower costs and with the chance to be closer to home with their families, compare to how it was before when they had to fly to Manila for the same services,” says TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos.

“Now with a bigger staging ground, The Medical City Iloilo aims to pursue more aggressively its goal of changing the landscape of health care in the Western Visayas region,” adds Dr. Ramos.

TMC Iloilo also takes pride in the cultural transformation of its hospital staff which is vital to the vision and mission of The Medical City Iloilo.

“The Medical City’s brand of healthcare puts a premium on patient-partnership, a value proposition that puts the patient at center stage, receiving service of greater worth – way beyond the modern technology, the expertise of its doctors, and beauty of its surroundings,” says Dr. Ramos.

TMCI is one of the five local hospitals of The Medical City, the largest healthcare network in the Philippines. The other hospitals are TMC Main (Ortigas), TMC Clark, TMC South Luzon and TMC Pangasinan. TMC also owns and operates Guam Regional Medical City which is the first Filipino-owned hospital on United States soil and an ambulatory clinic in Dubai.

TMC also has 36 clinics across the country including TMC Clinic in Robinsons’ Place Iloilo which opened in November 2014.



What is Patient Partnership?

The Medical City group of hospitals integrates the core value of making patients our partners in their healthcare.

We are spearheading the change of norms through a personalized healthcare by breaking boundaries via comprehensive offerings for each patient’s individual and special needs.

This philosophy envisions to provide a mutual relationship of the patient’s active participation in his or her own health care. It is achieved through patient education and advocacy. It is the trademark of The Medical City through its programs and all employees.