About Us
The Medical City Iloilo is reinforced by the Medical City’s primacy in world-class healthcare operations in the Philippines and abroad. TMC’S distinctive positioning reaps annual accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCIA). JCIA is widely recognized as the most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations.
TMC Iloilo adheres to the Medical City’s unique service philosophy in which the patient is viewed not as a problem to be solved or a charge to be cared for, but as an equal and empowered partner, co-responsible for the attainment of his health goals.
This pro-active health management approach is a TMC commitment in delivering quality health services. Modern technologies and state of the art facilities are augmented by a distinguished roster of medical experts and very efficient allied medical staff backed by intensive trainings and exposures.

What is Patient Partnership?
The Medical City group of hospitals integrates the core value of making patients our partners in their healthcare.
We are spearheading the change of norms through a personalized healthcare by breaking boundaries via comprehensive offerings for each patient’s individual and special needs.
This philosophy envisions to provide a mutual relationship of the patient’s active participation in his or her own health care. It is achieved through patient education and advocacy. It is the trademark of The Medical City through its programs and all employees.